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<Limited time: until February, 10, 2022>

Physical FRUiTS magazine set of 8 back issues






5 print issues of TUNE magazine for only $55! 

TUNE paper magazine  No.036~No.115 (2004 ~ 2015)


FRUiTS Hoodie


FRUiTS_Embroidery_Logo  Champion Hoodie

Embroidered in white thread and black thread.

The product is “print-on-demand” on an order-by-order basis. As the product will be manufactured and drop-shipped within 3- 5 working days from USA.

$ 84.95

FRUiTS_刺繍ロゴ  Champion パーカー

FRUiTS のロゴを白糸と黒糸でChampionのボディーに刺繍ています。ご注文ごとに1品ずつ生産するプリントオンデマンドです。発送まで3~5営業日お待ちください。

アメリカからの発送になります(日本への送料 $ 6.99)

$ 84.95


FRUiTS_Logo_w  Champion Hoodie

Printed in white ink on Champion hoodie.

The product is “print-on-demand” on an order-by-order basis. As the product will be manufactured and drop-shipped within 3- 5 working days from USA.

$ 80.95

FRUiTS_ロゴ  Champion パーカー

FRUiTS のロゴを白インクでChampionのボディーにプリントしています。ご注文ごとに1品ずつ生産するプリントオンデマンドです。発送まで3~5営業日お待ちください。

アメリカからの発送になります(日本への送料 $ 6.99)

$ 80.95

We Are Coming



FRUiTS T-shirts

We are currently developing an original FRUiTS T-shirt, to be made available in a wide range of colors. T-shirt sizes will be available up-to 4XL, so we recommend coordinating with a big silhouette look.  

To meet our sustainable obligations, the product will be “print-on-demand” on an order-by-order basis to avoid inventory disposal problems. As the product will be manufactured and drop-shipped within 5- 20 working days from 7 locations around the world (Australia, Canada, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, Spain, and USA), we also aim to avoid potential delivery issues due to COVID-19.


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